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Thad Berkes

Chief Cost Estimator,

“We deeply understand the stress that comes with a construction project. Put that pressure on us—it’s what we do best.”

Thad Berkes is a Design Collaborative boomerang, having first joined the firm in 2018, before returning in 2022. The Chief Cost Estimator role makes a real difference for our clients. We believe that the cost of a project can be controlled with a well-disciplined and cost-knowledgeable team. While construction costs are always changing, they can be managed by working with a team that has an excellent understanding of how to predict those costs. Thad joins DC architects, engineers and designers—and clients—early on, and maintains a steady voice throughout a project’s life-cycle. Berkes is one of several veterans at DC. He was enrolled in the United States Army’s E5 Combat Infantry from 1999–2003.

Areas of Expertise
  • American Society of Professional Estimators (ASPE) - Chapter Board President
  • Leadership Fort Wayne 2022
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