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Tanzim Rachana

Architectural Graduate,

As an architectural graduate, Tanzim’s role at DC includes participating in the design and project process from Concept Design through Construction Administration, coordinating across technical disciplines, and presenting the phases of design to clients. She is intrigued by the practical aspects of conducting an architectural project throughout the construction process beyond the initial design. Tanzim aspires to be an efficient leader in the building & construction industry, who strongly believes in design as a tool for social advocacy. She believes that regardless of the project context, the true intention of any good design is to make people’s lives better.

As much as Tanzim is inspired by the building industry, she finds the need to take time off from the “built world” and embrace nature. She loves to travel and explore different landscapes and cultures that are built around them. The best part for Tanzim about roaming around the world is that she gets to learn new perspectives and connect with a diverse range of people, which indeed helps her grow to be an empathetic designer. Tanzim’s go-to fun activity in regular life? Window shopping in an antique store!

Areas of Expertise
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