Why We Love Charlotte

Why the Carolinas?

From its stunning architecture to the thriving, multicultural people who live there, Charlotte, North Carolina is flourishing. With an array of tasty restaurants, various outdoor adventures, colorful art community, and lively social scenes, Charlotte has a lot to offer for people of all ages, backgrounds, and interests.

We love designing spaces for people, in fact, that is what we’re all about at DC. With all of the growth happening in Charlotte and the surrounding region, there are so many opportunities to create People-first places and get to know the communities at the heart of the region.

Career opportunites

Lincoln Financial Group, Greensboro, NC - square crop SAFE Operations Center
Lincoln Financial Group, Greensboro, NC - square crop SAFE Operations Center

Having a home base in the southeastern end of Charlotte enables us to better serve our clients in the Carolinas and beyond, bringing our unique approach to epic client service and project delivery.

The Queen City is rich with history. The city was founded in 1768 by European settlers during the reign of King George III; at this time in his reign, he was accompanied by Queen Charlotte. The city’s energy and diversity continue to generate growth and new career opportunities. It is impossible to resist the Charlotte region as it is a place for everyone, from families to business folks, to artists and culinary wizards, and more.

We are looking forward to creating new relationships and improving the worlds of our clients throughout the region.

Nationally Recognized Charlotte News

BusinessFacilities.com ranked North Carolina 2020 State of the Year!

Bizjournals.com ranked Charlotte as the best real estate market in the southeastern United States – third overall in the United States!

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