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Brian Cruz

Architectural Graduate ,

Channeling an instinctive understanding of the implementation process, Brian relishes the challenge of transforming ideas into tangible art. He is passionately committed to designing spaces that leave an indelible positive imprint on the individuals who engage with them.

A problem-solver, Brian revels in the multifaceted landscape of potential solutions. He finds the unpredictability of the task exhilarating, whether the solution is intricate or deceptively simple. Inspired by Design Collaborative’s mission to enhance lives through architecture, Brian enthusiastically upholds this, believing in the transformative power of design. His passion, commitment, and flair for detail promise an inspiring journey for Design Collaborative and its clients.

When Brian Cruz is not mastering the architecture world, he is consumed in his unique hobbies – from landscaping projects to adding another location to his long list of travels across 30 states and 4 different countries. Remarkably, he has never broken a bone in his life, a feat he holds with great pride. Currently, he is on a quest to learn new skills such as playing the drums, golfing, and fine-tuning his artistic abilities.

Areas of Expertise
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