Our Team

Pankaj Nath Joy

Architectural Graduate,

Joy graduated from Miami University, Ohio, and joined Design Collaborative as an Architectural Graduate. Nearly three years of experience in Bangladesh helped him to learn new construction systems and materials and contribute even more effectively to creating modern work environments. Through his efforts with the team designing architectural drawings, conducting research, assisting in project development, and more, Joy finds the DC environment exciting. He loves learning from experienced architects and exchanging creative ideas.

Joy’s creative passions extend past architecture to painting, street photography, and guitar. He loves cooking and occasionally coming up with new dishes to share with the office. His spices have been known to bring tears to your eyes (for both deliciousness and spice)!

Areas of Expertise
  • American Institute of Architects (AIA)
  • 2022 AIA Ohio Foundation Scholarship, Miami University, Ohio
  • 2019 Regional Winner (Asia), The Global Undergraduate Thesis Award
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