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A Care-Driven Approach to Thriving Solutions.

DC is a multi-disciplinary design firm that offers Healthcare market expertise, where our deep technical understanding and promise of exceptional service help both patients and providers flourish.

We’re collaborators in care. We’re focused on your care team—and improving patient experience and outcomes. We put our hearts into our work, just like you.

We’re at your side. Our clients count on us for expertise in a heavily regulated industry, as we work together to demonstrate marketplace leadership.

We’re planning for long-term. We develop enduring client relationships,
learning the nuances of your facilities, people and processes, and easing your mind—for both immediate concerns, and future initiatives.


Van Wert Health - Interior Photo, Waiting Area Interior Design
Van Wert Health - Interior Photo, Waiting Area Interior Design

Passionate People Delivering Remarkable Results.

Design Collaborative is a big-hearted, multi-disciplinary design firm that combines large-firm expertise with boutique-firm service.

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