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If you’re not considering integrating technology design from the kickoff of your building project, you may be setting your team up for a rocky process.

Low Voltage and IT refer to the wiring and associated hardware needed for networked systems in a building. Low-voltage infrastructure is vital to a building because it ensures essential systems’ safe and efficient operation for data networks, communications, and security. Without low-voltage wiring, many modern buildings – and the businesses inside them – could not function. Proper installation and preparation ahead of time can eliminate headaches during or post-construction

Design Collaborative’s experts understand the importance of low-voltage systems in any project. We provide comprehensive services to ensure that all your systems are integrated from the start, avoiding costly and inconvenient mistakes down the line. This includes designing for boxes & conduit, cable tray layouts, and working with your IT managers or data and AV consultants if needed – a complete turnkey solution. Additionally, we coordinate with everyone involved to ensure everything runs smoothly and that your building has adequate power and size for its UPS systems. Finally, our security solutions cover card readers, cameras, monitoring systems, and alarms, ensuring you always have a secure environment and offering complete technology integration to avoid potential failure.

What We Offer

  • Audio Visual System Design
  • Building Automation Systems and Networked Controls
  • Fire Alarm Systems – layout and performance specifications
  • Public Address System Design
  • Structured Cabling (Network Cabling Design)
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