Our Team

Nathan King

Architectural Graduate ,

An architectural graduate at Design Collaborative’s Charlotte, NC studio, Nathan loves anything to do with the visualization side of architecture. Whether it’s renderings, Photoshop work, hand-modeling, or sketching, his strengths are in making designs look their best for the people DC are serving.

“Quite possibly my favorite aspect of DC is the feeling of being part of the team. Regardless of who I’m in a discussion with, I feel I always have a seat at the table. I’ve widely felt empowered to push the envelope of my piece of any given design, and that’s made me a more confident architect-to-be.”

Outside of work, Nathan carries his creative pursuits with cooking, drawing, building Legos, exercising, and playing and/or writing music. Anything where he can transform from raw materials into something fantastic draws Nathan in!


Areas of Expertise
  • Finalist in Ball State Architecture Class Competitions (Junior and Senior)
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