Visioning & Planning

Before a single line is drawn, before equipment is selected, and before materials are considered, we help our clients discover big ideas that will become the basis for design direction later in the process.

Vision and Planning

An important part of discovering an owner’s needs, vision, and realizing the potential of a project, is a deep, interactive exploratory visioning process that is the basis for all possibilities. We unearth project priorities. We reveal common values that inform the process and programming. We transform pain points into positive assets. To help achieve these possibilities, we invest in extensive research, analysis, and visualization exercises to help owners secure buy-in, raise capital, and demonstrate need to stakeholders, the community, and regulatory agencies. Then, and only then, can a successful design commission begin.

   • Fundraising Assistance
   • Capital Needs/Budgeting
   • Grant Development
   • Owner Representation
   • Strategic Planning
   • Reuse Studies
   • Value Analysis