Indiana Wesleyan University Football Stadium


The stadium is designed to create a unique tradition for IWU. It was sited close to student housing to make it easy for students to enjoy games and start new traditions. A site plaza functions as a gathering and tailgating space.

The new Wildcats team trains in a large weight room that overlooks the end zone.

Film and meeting rooms accommodate large and small groups of players and coaches. The locker room features a massive Wildcat logo on the ceiling, custom logoed lockers, and a logoed carpet, making it impossible not to catch team spirit!

The IWU Wildcat statue is directly inside of the entry where fans can interact with it and create some game-day luck.

Starting with a flat site, a stadium bowl was created by sinking the field two feet and building up the earth around it. Stands are integrated into the stadium and are wrapped into the end zone building. Multiple game day suites are available for fans, and a press box overlooks the stadium for game day coverage.

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