We are celebrating a wonderful year of transforming workplaces and having fun while doing it in the Workplace Studio! We engaged, created, and inspired teams through developing unique solutions and dreaming courageously. Scroll to the bottom to hear what our Workplace Market Leader, Lauren Elliott has to share about this year at DC!



Oaklawn Psychiatric Center

Oaklawn Psychiatric provides mental health and additional treatment to those in need. Their expanding existing department was in need of additional space for offices, training centers staff, clients, and more. The new space created for Oaklawn was designed to be open and welcoming for clients, inviting for new hires, and have a distinct separation between client and employee spaces.

The new facility will house a variety of expanded spaces. New rooms include a large main reception and waiting area, medical services, a variety of large and small group rooms, additional departments, executive team space, a new training center, and a pharmacy. Providing a workspace for the staff will allow them to work efficiently and effectively to serve their clients. Centralized training spaces will bring departments together as they frequently share materials.


Bridge of Grace – Early Learning Center and Community Clinic

Bridge of Grace’s HOPE Unleashed Campaign, encompasses Opportunity, Progress, and Education with a big focus on Housing, for Mount Vernon Park. Providing free high-quality education and programs, healthcare, and other resources is imperative to the growth, hope, and opportunity Bridge of Grace dreams to bring to residents in southeast Fort Wayne. The state-of-the-art facility will house the Mount Vernon Park Early Learning Center, Bridge of Grace Compassionate Ministries Center, and the Mt. Vernon Community Clinic.

The Early Learning Center will house various classrooms, dedicated sensory areas, easy access to outdoor play spaces, and more. The Compassionate Ministries Center will act as the headquarters for staff. This space includes individual workspaces, conference rooms, and private offices. The Community Clinic will be a local resource to equip the community with accessible healthcare.

Workplace Highlight Partstown Workplace Highlight Partstown

Partstown Office Renovation

The scope of Partstown’s new office space includes a lobby, community hub, welcoming space for clients, private offices, phone booths, conference rooms, and flexible employee workspace. Large training rooms for new employees include graphics that incorporate brand colors and standards. The entirety of the office space houses sleek materials, Partstown red, and various graphics to give a flexible, clean, modern vibe.

Workplace Highlight Partstown Workplace Highlight Partstown

“It’s been a rewarding year on the Workplace team! We’ve truly enjoyed helping our clients reimagine their workplace as they adopt new ways of working. This year has brought numerous opportunities to improve our clients worlds and our local community. We’re excited to see what 2023 has in store!”

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