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2023, $4 Million to $12M – BCA Design Award
2023, Featured in Education Snapshots

Bright, open classrooms with moveable walls give faculty and students flexibility for different classroom configurations on the second-floor.

The exterior of Trine’s renovated engineering building features a large glass wall that allows for great amount of natural light to filter through the interior space, modern geographic cut outs that express connection through structural detailing, and materials that are unique to Trine and seamlessly tie in other campus buildings.

Thunder Alley runs alongside the glass wall and spans up through two floors. This open space acts as a community hub that includes several seating options, attracts students with a variety of study and hang out spaces.

Instead of using a sidewalk during the winter months, students are now able to walk through Thunder Alley when connecting from the east to west side of campus.

The new grab & go cafeteria inside Thunder Alley will draw students into the space from all majors, building connectivity between programs and encouraging networking. The updated facility houses new classrooms and faculty office spaces that elevate staff and student experience. State-of-the-art technology is house in specialty labs including the Makerspace, artificial intelligence labs, and a virtual reality lab.

Trine Engineering AR Technology
Trine Engineering AR Technology
Trine Engineering Education Trine Engineering Flexible Classroom

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