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At Design Collaborative we encourage employees to live out their passions daily.

Building Excellence recognizes Design Collaborative’s team milestones at the end of 2022. Whether it’s employees exploring new technology the company can implement to increase efficiency, bringing new processes to the table to streamline systems, or introducing a new committee to the team to start conversations around creative design, DC’s people are always looking to think outside of the box. At Design Collaborative, we take time to recognize our people throughout the calendar year, but specifically highlight employee milestones at the end of the year! We believe people are the most important part of every organization, and everyone should love what they do.


Several individuals have been selected for new roles for the start of 2023 including individuals joining DC’s leadership team, new directors, Associate Partners, and Partners.

Congratulations to Bob Sanderson, Jessica Rossow, Jordan Keil, and Katie Briner on joining DC’s leadership team. New roles include Chris Stine, Director of Architecture, Kelsey Rowe, Director of Engineering, Lauren Elliott, Director of Interior Design, and Ryan Birkey, Director of Innovation and Technology. Last, we are proud to announce new Associate Partners, Rebecca Welch, and Bill Ledger, and new Partner, Cathy Waggoner.

Each year, DC reflects on projects that have come through our doors, we recognize the people that make those projects happen, and we look forward to continuing to create People-first places in the next year.

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