Teller pods offer a variety of benefits for branches, and each teller pod can be customized to meet each branch’s needs. Why should you consider teller pods for your branch?

It’s more personal.

Teller pods allow for the customer and the teller to stand side by side while performing transactions and meeting members’ needs. In addition, tellers are now free to walk up and greet customers when they enter the branch.

It’s more open.

The physical barrier between customers and tellers is gone – this not only promotes personal relationships, but it also opens up a branch as a whole to make the space more welcoming for visitors. Both tellers and customers have more maneuverability and freedom to more around the pod, which allows customers to stand alongside tellers to review accounts on computer screens without the separation of a typical teller line.

It’s secure.

With today’s ever-evolving technology, equipment such as teller cash recyclers (TCRs) or teller assist units (TAUs) make it easier to have tellers and customers interacting in the same space without the worry of cash getting stolen. By keeping teller pods more secure, tellers are free to walk up and greet their customers, bring them back to view a computer screen, complete transactions, and more.

It’s efficient.

The invention of TCRs and TAUs make transactions faster and easier on both the tellers and the customers. Having 2 tellers + 1 TCR is the equivalent of having 3 tellers + a typical teller line. This means tellers can serve more customers in the same amount of time, while still providing a personalized banking experience for each customer.

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