Industrial architecture can fall under many different categories, and most people typically think of large warehouse spaces and rough, raw interior spaces. However, industrial facilities aren’t only about the large manufacturing spaces and warehouses. The smaller spaces that connect office and manufacturing staff are where corporate culture is built.

A few of the various industrial spaces that DC designs include flex buildings, warehouse spaces, and data centers. Specialized systems, processes, equipment, and worker safety considerations are all significant elements in designing industrial spaces, but it is also important to create spaces that make working there enjoyable, comfortable, and motivating. Along with functionality, it is important to consider the overall impression of the space on its users.

Flex buildings allow for a range of office and warehouse uses and allow companies to adjust to meet their needs.

Mach and SITES Medical is an example of this, with spaces for two companies to work under one roof, encompassing both office and warehouse spaces.

Mach and SITES Medical - Industrial
Mach and SITES Medical - Industrial

Warehouse buildings are typically used for distribution and storage, with a large amount of the space dedicated to products and inventory.

An example of this type of space is the Sweetwater Warehouse. The largest portion of the building is devoted to inventory and distribution. Even being a warehouse space, the company’s brand is still evident in its colors and impression of the space.

Data centers usually house a large amount of technological equipment, and have several unique elements that need to be considered in the design.

Jim Schmidt Ford Dealership - Industrial
Jim Schmidt Ford Dealership - Industrial

These three varieties of industrial design are only a few of the different types available, and Design Collaborative’s experts use their wide range of knowledge to creatively solve each specialized challenge. Industrial means many things to DC, and we know how important it is to be a partner with each client to find a unique solution that best fits them.

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