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Tribute to Terry – A Founding Partner of DC Retires

February 3, 2022

Back in 1992, three young men sat down with a dream and lots of ambition. 30 years later, their legacy lives on as a thriving, energetic multi-disciplinary design firm – Design Collaborative (DC). Terry Wagner – the man, the myth, the engineering legend – is the first of the three founding partners to become partner emeritus, as he is officially retiring. Follow us as we journey back through the legacy of Terry at DC and take a look at some of his most memorable moments.

Even in the earliest days at DC, Terry could always be counted on for a good laugh! His effervescent personality mixed with his passion for engineering made it hard not to smile when Terry was around.

“It’s hard for me not to remember and comment on the early days on Columbia Street with Terry. We put a lot of sweat equity into our first office space, and it really helped bring us together.” – Ron Dick (Architect, one of the three founding partners)

Pat Terry Ron Bunny Ears Terry and Pat
Pat Terry Ron Bunny Ears Terry and Pat
Terry and his Dad painting the original office Terry Nailing Pat Terry Ron Renovations
Terry on a Tight rope

For all of his knowledge and wisdom in the engineering world, Terry was also notorious for his hilarious emails…and his jokes.

“Terry jokes are the best jokes! I can’t recall all of the jokes he has told me in all of years I’ve known Terry… but I do know:
A) Terry always has a joke ready.
B) You can measure the length of time you’ve known Terry by how many times you hear the same jokes. (It is approximately 3 repeat jokes per year of friendship, btw. So, if you’ve heard the same joke 15 times you’ve probably known Terry about 5 years.)
C) If you tell Terry a great joke on Monday, you can be confident by Friday he will approach you to tell you his “great new joke!” – Tim Terman (Partner/architect)

Terry on a Tight rope

What’s with the ducks?

Terry is your residential expert when it comes to ducks and duck hunting, even down to his office decor. In honor of the many years of service that Terry has given to Design Collaborative, all of the laughter and jokes, a vast pool of expertise, and genuine kindness from his heart, the newly renovated conference room in the office is now known as Mallards Landing.

Terry Ducks
Terry Ducks
Terry and Jordan

This is just a glimpse of Terrance J. Wagner – a truly caring, honest, vibrant person with a lifetime of laughter and knowledge to share. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of getting to know Terry, you will understand how much DC will miss having him around.

“I think one of my favorite memories of Terry in terms of work is when we visited job sites. He is so excited about every detail and loves to explain them to other people. I learned a lot with him on them and it is great to see his passion on every project.” – Jordan Backer (Mechanical engineer)

Terry and Jordan

“Terry has always set a high bar for the quality of design and service provided to clients which he has been able to model and instill this commitment and dedication in many others who now are leaders in the company. As his partner and his friend, I have always admired his courage, his integrity and his selflessness. He’ll be missed at DC but all these traits will live on through the others he has touched here, myself included.” – Pat Pasterick (CEO, one of the three founding partners)

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