Saint Rita’s Graduate Medical Education Center (GME) was designed to serve as a space for medical students in their residency to learn and study.

Design Collaborative designed this building a change in the trajectory of downtown Lima, Ohio, and Mercy Health in mind.

Design Collaborative guided all design and construction decisions for St. Rita’s GME based on one concept: threshold. This word represented all the work that had been done in Mercy Health and all the future doctors that were going to use this new space to better downtown Lima, Ohio. This building’s purpose is to usher in the next generation of doctors to move forward the trajectory of the city.

Design Collaborative placed the building on the corner of two main streets downtown and added large windows throughout the exterior of the building to let in natural light and create a bright, airy environment inside reminiscent of the outdoors.

St. Rita’s GME was built with flex conference rooms, an auditorium, a library, a computer lab, study labs, simulation suites, open offices, and a third level that serves as a future growth space.

Design Collaborative focuses on creating People-first places not only for the current world but for future generations. St. Rita’s GME was an inspirational project because it was designed for the future of the students who would be using that space to learn, as well as the future of the surrounding area.

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