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Financial Topics

  • Branch Models: The Impact Design has on Your Bottom Line & Customer Experience Discover three main branching models used today and how you can prepare for the future and more closely align your customer experience with your mission.
  • Smarter Branches: Preparing your Branch Network for Tomorrow’s Banking Branches are changing and evolving – how do you maximize your branch network and optimize it for growth? Learn strategies on where you should be going, leverage your current network, and develop a plan to make it happen.
  • Branch Design Secrets for Improved Customer Experience and Employee Engagement Is your branch creating a customer experience that is easy to navigate and memorable? Do your employees have the needs of today’s banking readily accessible to best do their job? Learn how branch design can be essential in promoting the engagement of team members, as well as improving the customer’s experiences and bringing an ROI.
  • Bank Branch Renovation: Maximizing your Return on Investment Understand the potential benefits and considerations associated with bank branch renovation, financial institutions can make informed decisions to maximize their ROI. Renovating a bank branch can improve operational efficiency.
  • Healthy Headquarters: A Focus on Overall Health & Wellbeing for the Building Occupants Discover ways to enhance spaces that focus on health and wellbeing for your staff through amenity spaces, daylighting, biophilic design, air quality, and more.

    Engaging Workplaces: Creating a Workplace that Enhances Employee Engagement and Strengthens Company Culture Through Design Find out how space impacts behaviors, how those behaviors become the workplace culture, and how you can use engaging workplaces to attract and retain great talent.


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General Industry Topics

  • Buildings That Help People Thrive: WELL Building Standard Overview The WELL Building Standard explores how design, operations and behaviors within the places where we live, work, learn, and play can be optimized to advance human health and well-being. This presentation covers the core concepts of health that fit into the WELL Building Standard, the future of design.
  • BIM: Modeling for Facilities Management Learn about Building Information Modeling and its benefits to designers, contractors, owners, and facility managers.
  • SMARTool: A Building Assessment SolutionDiscover why building assessments are important and learn about a tool that can help break down assessments and provide clearer solutions.
  • How to Combat Inflation and Escalation Understand the many factors that affect escalation in the construction world and learn how to utilize factual statistical information that can help validate and predict what is to come for your next project.
  • Maintaining the Building Envelope: Wall & Roof Surfaces Explore the importance of maintaining a building envelope, different issues that can result from neglect in maintenance, and how it impacts the buildings’ users.
  • Strategic Facilities Studies: Why your Organization Shouldn’t Invest in Capital Improvements without One Learn what a strategic facilities study is and why you might invest in a strategic facilities study before spending capital on your facility.
  • Building Better: Best Practices in Roofing Replacement Design How do you get the best value for your investment? Explore a step-by-step process for roof replacements.
  • Building Envelopes, Then & Now: Understanding the Changing Design of Building Envelopes 85% of all buildings in the US across all 10 climate zones have been damaged by water infiltration or moisture/condensation during the life of the building. What can you do to design your next building envelope to limit potential issues?
  • Finishing Strong: Construction Administration & Project Closeout Does it seem like you can’t get those last items closed out on your projects? This is a how-to approach to best practices in construction administration.
  • Building a Team: Understanding the Pros and Cons of Construction Delivery Methods Each construction delivery method has its benefits and pitfalls. We’ll cover each one and clarify the best fit for your projects.
  • CPRE: Creatively (re)Positioning Your Real EstateLook at the cost differences between building new and repurposing existing buildings and explore the benefits of renovating vs. new construction


  • LED Lighting and Controls: Always Look on the Bright Side – Learn about the benefits and best use of LED lighting and the different types and costs of lighting controls.
  • Saving Green by Going Green: Using Alternative Energy Understand reasons to use alternative energy, what common types of alternative energy are, and some rebates and incentives that come with using alternative energy.
  • Energy Efficiency: Where is the Bang for your Buck?Energy efficiency means savings, but where can you get the most impact on your dollars spent? This presentation will focus on the biggest energy consumption drivers in your facilities and what you can do to optimize their performance.
  • Vertical Illumination – Discover how vertical illumination can define spaces, highlight architectural features, and provide a more comfortable experience for users.
  • Tunable LightingTunable white lighting may be the future of interior lighting. It can positively impact mood, focus, and behavior, which provides a better environment for working.
  • Healthy Building Systems Look at various building elements such as indoor air quality and thermal comfort, water quality, humidity, and circadian lighting and how they can affect your building wellness and the wellness of the building occupants.
  • Illuminating your Path to Energy EfficiencyDiscover how the thoughtful application of well-designed lighting can transform your facilities and entire property while significantly cutting down on energy costs.
  • EVs are Charging Forward: Preparing Your Properties Learn how to transition your properties to embrace electric vehicles and how to update your locations without breaking the bank or interrupting your current plans.


Mechanical Engineering

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