Rush Memorial Intensive Care Unit

New ICU brings a high quality of care and additional wellness/medical options to the rural community

October 11, 2022

Rush Memorial Hospital, nestled in a small, rural community, has seen growth and an expanding diversity of services over the last several years. In recent years, it became evident that the hospital was in need of an Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The addition of an ICU would allow for a higher degree of quality care for the community’s most intensive patients, instead of having to divert those patients to other healthcare providers at a much further distance. New procedures that could not be performed previously would now be an option. So, in a formerly under-used area of Rush Memorial Hospital, the planning and design for a new 2-bed Intensive Care Unit began.

Project Planning

The design team facilitated a collaborative design process with key stakeholders from Rush Memorial Hospital led by President & CEO Brad Smith, utilizing various in-person and remote strategies to understand the goals of the project, establish a successful design strategy, and execute the details needed to deliver a successful project. There was no shortage of challenges designing a modern, state-of-the-art intensive care unit in an existing 1948 facility, but with clear goals and desirable outcomes established early, coupled with a collaborative relationship between the design team and hospital, the project was able to respond to the needs of the organization and the greater Rushville community.

Rush Memorial ICU
Rush Memorial ICU
RMH Intensive Care Unit Rush Memorial Patient Room

Project Goals

Patient safety and comfort were at the forefront of the project goals and were carefully considered through every design feature. One way that the team encouraged patient comfort through the design was by organizing the layout of the unit so that existing exterior windows could bring daylight and views of the outdoors to patient rooms. Sliding, full-glass ICU doors with electrochromic glass (electrified glass that can turn from transparent to opaque), were chosen to allow daylight to filter beyond patient rooms while still providing privacy when needed.

RMH Intensive Care Unit Rush Memorial Patient Room

Project Design

The interior design of the space was carefully considered, with finish materials and complementing textures placed strategically to give the space a sophisticated appearance that is also easily cleaned and maintained. Similar wood tone surfaces that were used in the recently renovated Med/Surg Patient Care Unit were introduced to the ICU for a cohesive look and feel in the hospital. The interior finishes along with other modern amenities bring a welcoming, calming, state-of-the-art environment for patients and the care team in the ICU.

Rush ICU Rush ICU
Rush ICU Rush ICU

Rush Memorial’s vision is “to be a trusted source for healthcare needs”, and it is important to show this not only through the quality care provided, but the space that care is provided in. The new ICU helps maintain public confidence that they have access to high-quality healthcare without traveling longer distances to larger hospitals. Rush Memorial Hospital’s new Intensive Care Unit now reflects their excellent, high-quality care and gives patients and staff the assurance that they need.

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