Design Collaborative is thrilled to be a part of designing not two, but three new locations for Fort Financial Credit Union in Fort Wayne, IN. Two new branches are in progress, along with their headquarters building with a branch built in.

The two retail branches are very similar, each one about 2,300 SF. There will be teller lines, offices, drive through services, and ATM access at both branches. Fort Financial recently updated their branding, and the new retail branches will be a reflection of their updated brand. The new stand-alone locations for each branch are more prominent and are easier access to members. Fort Financial wanted to really invest in the community, and these new branches are situated to best serve their clients.

The new retail branch in the east planned to open in the fall of 2022, and the retail branch in the west is planning to open in the spring of 2023. Design Collaborative is the architect for both branches, and Hagerman Construction is the general contractor for both locations.

Fort Financial East Branch Interior Highlight
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