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WELL Building Standard – Better Buildings Equal Better Lives


Presented by Alexander Kircher and Quinn O’heeney

What is a good building, really? Dive into the history of the WELL Building Standard, global wellness, WELL Standard Goals, why the WELL Standard is important to you, and much more with WELL-certified expert Alex Kircher and Project Manager Quinn O’Heeney from Design Collaborative.

A WELL-certified building can increase student, employee, and guest overall well-being. This creates a better environment that leads to higher enrollment, more recruitment, retention, satisfaction, higher motivation, more production, and many other positive outcomes.

Book Alex and Quinn today to hear more about the WELL Building Standard and how it can benefit you.

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  • Presenter

    Alex Kircher, RA, WELL AP

    Senior Architect,

    Alex is a strong architect and leader on the Higher Education team at Design Collaborative. Through the WELL Building certification process, Alex deepened his knowledge and appreciation of designing the built environment to benefit its end-use inhabitants.  He has worked on a wide variety of projects and excels when space programming for the current and…

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  • Presenter

    Quinn O’Heeney, PE

    Project Manager,

    Quinn joined Design Collaborative as a project manager in 2019 as part of the higher education team. With a background and license in civil engineering, Quinn brings a lot of industry knowledge to his work at Design Collaborative influencing budgeting and cost controls, site safety, OSHA compliance, bidding, estimating and proposals, and the design-build construction…

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