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Hybrid Workplace – Creating a Flexible Office


Presented by Lauren Elliott and Kelly Shields

What does the workplace look like today? With new technologies and remote work options, the workplace is changing rapidly. Hear what our workplace experts have to say about advantages and disadvantages of working from home, what direction the workplace is going in, and what a hybrid workplace looks like.

Roughly 50% of the workforce prefers to be in the office 2-3 days a week. They need a workplace that offers flexibility and variety.

Through research and first-hand experience, our Workplace team had developed innovative solutions for the future of a hybrid workplace.

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  • Presenter

    Lauren Elliott, RID, NCIDQ

    Director of Interior Design,

    “Our work can transform a workplace culture—helping lower absenteeism, grow productivity, lessen turnover. That’s a serious impact.” Lauren Elliott is Design Collaborative’s Director of Interior Design. Elliott is a leader in our Workplace Studio, where our team engages, creates and transforms workplaces. With expertise in organizational visioning and programming, her work starts with our adaptive…

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  • Presenter

    Kelly Shields, LEED AP

    Senior Architectural Graduate,

    “My personal ethos comes from my dad: make it a great day.” When he joined the firm nearly two decades ago, Kelly Shields quickly became part of many of the firm’s most complex and exciting projects. Shields’ design mindset is Socratic in nature—he’s an inherently curious human being, and loves asking questions and learning. Especially…

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