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Engaging Workplaces: Creating a Workplace that Enhances Employee Engagement and Strengthens Company Culture Through Design


Presented by lauren elliott

Find out how space impacts behaviors, how those behaviors become the workplace culture, and how you can use engaging workplaces to attract and retain great talent.

Request Lauren to speak with your team today about creating a workplace that enhances employee engagement and strengthens company culture through design.

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  • Presenter

    Lauren Elliott, RID, NCIDQ

    Director of Interior Design, Workplace Market Leader,

    “Our work can transform a workplace culture—helping lower absenteeism, grow productivity, lessen turnover. That’s a serious impact.” Lauren Elliott is Design Collaborative’s Director of Interior Design. Elliott is a leader in our Workplace Studio, where our team engages, creates and transforms workplaces. With expertise in organizational visioning and programming, her work starts with our adaptive…

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