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March 29, 2022 @ 12:30 am 1:30 pm

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APPA Facilities Symposium



DC’s Education Studio leader, Nathan Woods, is presenting at the virtual APPA (Association of Physical Plan Administrators) Facilities Symposium on Tuesday March 29th and Wednesday March 30th.

Curious to know more about student success and saving costs? Check out brief descriptions of each presentation below and attend the APPA Facilities Symposium to learn more!


Maximizing Revenue in Student Housing
The topic of student housing in a changing world is rampant through the industry, with talk of not enough room for students, too much space, or not the right kind of space. There are several items to consider in the design and construction industry that affect the bottom line of student housing, and these items should be even more carefully considered in today’s world. These include design decisions, construction decisions, and trend considerations.

Building the Case for Investing in Your Campus
Colleges and universities are falling drastically behind on deferred maintenance. This presentation will take a look at the problem, with specific examples and numbers showing how backlogged deferred maintenance is in the education industry. It will define what deferred maintenance is, along with capital renewal, and will outline the process it takes to start cutting back on deferred maintenance. Lastly, it will dive into how to build your case for taking care of your deferred maintenance.
Presenter: Nathan Woods, Principal, Architect, Design Collaborative

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