Ethnically diverse students make up 68% of the UST population alongside a large group of first-generation college students.

 This project is designed to empower students inhabiting the space by creating a place that puts their education, social well-being, and their student-status first.

The student living complex will house several neighborhoods which will be broken down into households within the building. Each household will be compromised of 4 one-bedroom apartments, 2 two-bedroom apartments, and a shared dining, living, and kitchenette. Shared spaces within households promote student interaction to help facilitate getting students plugged in on campus. A section of the hallway will be given to each household to make their own and add character and a sense of home. In total, each floor will include 8 households (64 beds) and 3 group study spaces. The top two levels of the building will include two-bedroom apartments for an off-campus apartment experience with the benefits of living on campus. This floor will also house a rooftop patio for student use.

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