• SIRVA Interior Office workspace

Located on floors five through eleven of the Indiana Michigan Power Center, the renovation comprised predominantly open office space.

SIRVA Long Table

The new space serves as a large community hub for both work and social engagements within the company. Fewer than 30 employees have private offices that feature full glass fronts for transparency, natural light, and views to the

Open office workstations were given priority along the exterior walls to promote view for the entire staff, not just those within a private office.

A large community hub for both and social engagements is on the eleventh floor. In-floor power and data ducts are fed from below, keeping workstation space clean and open. Lower partitions between workstations were selected, as trends in workplace design have shown employees are more aware of their noise level and courtesy to one another when they can make eye contact. Additionally, the lower partitions do not obstruct views out the windows throughout the office, creating an open feel.


SIRVA Break Room SIRVA Lighting Design, Light Fixtures
SIRVA Break Room SIRVA Lighting Design, Light Fixtures
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