Previously an industrial bakery, the Pearl Street Arts Center is now a beacon of the arts community; fostering connections between musicians and the audience, the staff and artists, and the experienced and the youth.

Designed to accommodate a variety of functions and activities around the clock, this center hosts intimate performances, one-on-one lessons, and commissioned artwork from local talents that adorns every corner of the building. Accessibility was a critical feature when designing the center, ensuring easy movement around the building for the orchestra, staff, visitors, and equipment. The result is an acoustically sensitive space situated conveniently less than 100ft from a set of active railroad tracks. Thanks to an electronic acoustic architecture system, this space can replicate the acoustics of a grand performance hall or even the grand canyon, offering immense flexibility to performing artists.


The Pearl Street Arts Center is not just functional, but also inspirational. It aims to inspire through its design, reflecting the beauty that is created within its walls.

The goal is to have every musician, artist, staff member, or visitor, inspired by their surroundings, connecting them intimately to the arts. This project has transformed a formerly industrial area into an energetic and vibrant space with a focus on arts, making it the dream project that truly puts people and their experiences first.

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