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Project Attributes

The church also expanded its commendable pre-school program while transforming the existing gym into a multi-purpose space. A new, larger gym was also added to serve as a community resource.

Another significant component of the renovation was the overhaul of the sanctuary.

The original structure had an open space design with a large stage, but lacked formal appeal and seemed unfinished. The renovation introduced a more substantial, permanent and flexible platform, offering more possibilities for the church’s active dance program. Moreover, the stained glass windows from the church’s former location were better incorporated into the sanctuary’s design. Although the windows were installed internally and lit artificially in the original setup, the renovation saw them placed on exterior walls. This allowed the congregation to appreciate the stained windows naturally illuminated while inside the sanctuary.



Mechanical upgrades were also undertaken to improve the functionality of the building.

A comprehensive refurbishment of the restrooms was carried out to meet ADA standards, with new partitions, fixtures, finishes, and lighting installed. Other aesthetic improvements included a coffee bar and substantial updates to the entrance area. The exterior of the building was given a facelift as well. A new color scheme was introduced to give the building a modern and updated look. Lastly, the building envelope was stabilized and renovated, rectifying previous issues with the roof system and some masonry damage. This ensured the integrity of the building was preserved for years to come.

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