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The celebration of an anniversary often brings about reminiscing the “old days” and looking back on where things all started. At 30 years of designing, creating, and improving worlds, Design Collaborative is rich with history, a diverse range of people and clients, and a wide variety of projects. Let’s rewind 30 years and see where it all began.

108 Columbia Street

The doors of DC’s first office opened in 1992 at 108 Columbia Street, Fort Wayne, with Pat Pasterick, Ron Dick, and Terry Wagner at the helm. The first renovations to the office were an exciting adventure, with Pat, Ron, and Terry pitching in. The legacy of Beer:30’s* began on day one.

*If you don’t know what a Beer:30 is, here you go. Every Friday afternoon at 4:30pm, the DC team gathers together to talk, maybe play a few games, eat some snacks, and of course, have a beer or two. (Drinking responsibly).

108 Columbia Street Office Pat Terry Ron Renovations
108 Columbia Street Office Pat Terry Ron Renovations
Pat and Terry Ron Terry Nailing Pat and Ron
Barr Street Office DC Offices Through the Years

825 Barr Street

Behind curtain number two, we have the Barr Street office! The DC team grew quickly, and in 1996 began the move to the new location. The new space was necessary for the team to better serve clients and continue to grow. The Barr Street office continued to serve the DC team for another 12 years

Barr Street Office DC Offices Through the Years

200 East Main Street

The next stop, and current location of DC’s headquarters office as of 2022, is 200 East Main Street! By 2008, DC had grown to become a multidisciplinary design firm in need of a bigger space, with architects, engineers, interior designers, and more. The Barr Street space had three separate floors, and DC wanted to be able to collaborative more easily on one larger floor. The new office space was designed around collaboration, with shorter walls between desks, community hubs, and a wide variety of meeting spaces. One of these meeting spaces has a glass wall on one side with a map of Fort Wayne laid out on it, and orange dots identifying the original locations of the first two DC offices as well as DC projects in downtown Fort Wayne. One thing that was always important to DC was to remain downtown, interacting with and being a part of the community.

Another big step for Design Collaborative was the opening of its first branch office, located in Charlotte, North Carolina. With several clients already in that part of the United States, the Charlotte location was chosen to better serve those clients and make new connections.

1st Source Bank Building DC Office DC Office Meeting Room with Map
1st Source Bank Building DC Office DC Office Meeting Room with Map

Throughout the years DC has grown and changed, moving with the times. But one thing that has always remained the same is DC’s values and mission to improve people’s worlds by creating People-first places. Putting people at the heart of everything DC does is the most important aspect of our work, and we hope to continue serving in that sense for many years to come!

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