We are coming up on a new year, and DC has a lot to be thankful for. Over the last year, we put our heads down together and worked hard to give our clients a better year than the one before. We’ve grown as a team, both figuratively and literally, and together we’ve gotten to work on some pretty amazing projects.

One exciting thing about the new year approaching is that we get to take some time to recognize the hard work and achievements that the DC team has accomplished, as well as celebrate anniversaries and well-earned new promotions. Join us as we recognize our hard working staff and reflect on 2021.

Value Awards

Design Collaborative is all about people – creating People-first places, reaching out to people in our community(s), and supporting our very own DC team. We have several values that represent the core of DC, and each year we award a few individuals on the DC team who really stand out representing these values (a tricky task with so many passionate and engaging team members to choose from!). This year, our value awards go to:

  • People First: Laurie McCartin
  • Love What You Do: Steve Staley
  • Don’t Be a Passenger: Ryan Birkey
  • Give Back: Jared Monce
  • Have Fun: Jimmy Burkhart
DC Value Awards 2021
DC Value Awards 2021
DC Leadership Promotions


Help us celebrate several of our team members who have earned new promotions this year! We appreciate all of the work they do to make the world a more people-first place.

Senior Associates

      • Katie Hiebel
      • Rebecca Welch

Associate Partners

      • Cathy Waggoner
DC Leadership Promotions
DC New Partners 2022


      • Adam James
      • Mike Niezer
      • Matt Elliott
      • Kelsey Rowe
      • Nathan Woods
DC New Partners 2022

Service Awards

There have been a lot of new faces around DC lately, and these new faces get to learn from some of the greatest experts in their fields (at least we think so) who have been around DC for many years (even decades!). Join us in congratulating a few folks on their DC work anniversaries.

  • Cathy Waggoner: 10 years
  • Nathan Woods: 10 Years
  • Tim Terman: 20 Years
  • Jason Baker: 20 years
  • Greg Estes: 20 Years
DC Service Awards 2021
DC Service Awards 2021

As architects, engineers, interior designers, and more, we have one of the coolest jobs in the world. We get to work with people from all walks of life and learn about their passions, dreams, and ideas. Then we get to bring those visions to life. We are proud of our team and all they’ve accomplished, designing People-first places and improving worlds.

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