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DC volunteers spent the weekend with the Three Rivers Festival Chalk Walk and Egg Drop competitions!

July 22, 2021

The Three Rivers Festival is a long-standing Fort Wayne tradition. Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, there are many events to participate in, but there are two that we love in particular – the Chalk Walk, and the Egg Drop.

The Chalk Walk happens the first Saturday of the festival. All along Main Street from Barr to Lafayette, participants are given a square space of the road to get creative. Chalk Walk gives us a chance to show off our artistic ability! This year’s festival theme is “Create Great Memories,” so we chose to draw an elephant. They have the best memories, right? Anyone from our team can show up to help create our square. We think we knocked it outta the park this year!

DC Volunteers spent hours creating the elephant at Chalk Walk.

The event is organized by both Design Collaborative and Science Central, and is held at the museum. About a dozen DC volunteers helped with the event in various roles, including registration, Chicken Suit wearer, and the bravest volunteers were stationed on the roof. Participants create a contraption to safely cradle an egg as it’s thrown from the top of the building to the ground below into a “frying pan.” Each participant is given a minute to discuss their contraption before it goes over the roof. After, awards are given to participants in a variety of categories, including most creative, most devastating drop, and Director’s Choice, which includes a one-year membership to Science Central.


We love these events because they not only give us a chance to be creative, but they allow us to engage with our community. Get out there and enjoy your city!

Chalk Walk 2018 - three Rivers Festival

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