Building Excellence shares how Design Collaborative continues to grow! DC added new Mechanical Engineer, Thomas Harber in September, and welcomed back Electrical Engineer, Cooper Hill in early November.

Thomas brings his HVAC and plumbing design expertise to the Workplace Studio at DC. He is passionate about improving the worlds of the end-users in each project. His goal is to ultimately ensure mechanical systems are working so well, they become un-noticeable!

Cooper, an Electrical Engineer in DC’s Workplace Studio, enjoys brainstorming creative solutions for existing systems in renovation projects. He values meeting with clients and contractors to capture their vision, and ultimately see their project goals come to life. When meeting with someone new to the A/E/C industry, or building process, Cooper takes time to explain the importance and intricacies of electrical design.

DC staff love seeing new and old faces around the office as we continue to grow and take on more projects in the community and surrounding regions. We are proud to have passionate people who desire to design People-first places.

When asked about his role at DC, Cooper Hill shared, “Something that drives me, and everyone at DC every day, is knowing that the projects I work on are positively affecting lives. It’s especially exciting to work on projects local to Fort Wayne, knowing that my friends and family are the ones that will end up experiencing those buildings!”

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