Roofing & Building Envelope

Every building’s best defense from mother nature’s wrath is a solid, professionally-designed and installed roof and envelope. 

Roofing Envelope


Likewise, maintaining a roof throughout its lifecycle is critical to protecting the building’s infrastructure, contents, and occupants, as well as conserving energy. Whether you’re in need of roof repairs or an entirely new roofing system, our certified roofing specialists can trouble-shoot existing issues or design a new roof for your facility. Design Collaborative’s roofing expertise is overseen by a Registered Roof Consultant with over 20 years of experience designing and troubleshooting roof integrity issues.

   • Roof Inspection & Design
   • Roof troubleshooting and forensics
   • Sampling and testing
   • Green roof design
   • Cost estimating
   • Deferred maintenance

Building Envelope

The building envelope is comprised of the physical elements between the conditioned and unconditioned environment. A high-performing building envelope consists of durable, energy-efficient, structurally sound, and aesthetically relevant materials that prevent water intrusion and restricts air intrusion (or controls how it flows). Over time, a building’s envelope may loosen up and not perform as designed, causing water infiltration, higher energy consumption, and other issues. Through appropriate investigation and testing, we can identify areas of concern and develop a remediation plan to reclaim its high-performing, younger days.

   • Façade troubleshooting and diagnostics
   • Water infiltration investigations and testing
   • Façade rehabilitation
   • Cost Estimating
   • Deferred Maintenance
   • Facility assessments
   • Deferred maintenance