Plumbing Design

Plumbing design is overseen by Design Collaborative's mechanical engineers who often work closely with civil engineers and the rest of the project team to design all plumbing systems inside and outside of the building -- both hot and chilled water systems.

Our expertise crosses vertical markets and building types and sizes -- from high-rise workplace environments to mid-rise mixed-use and large-scale industrial facilities.

Our experience includes:
   • Design of process and fluid flow systems
   • Design of plumbing systems
   • Design of heat and energy transfer systems
   • Domestic/potable water system
   • Domestic hot water system
   • Plumbing fixtures
   • Sanitary sewer systems
   • Stormwater systems
   • Water conservation systems
   • Water reuse systems

We apply a Whole Building Approach to the design of the building from a plumbing perspective, and we collaborate with civil engineers for plumbing tie-ins outside of the building.