Indiana Wesleyan University - Elder Hall

Elder Hall features modern design elements that tie in with traditional campus architecture and act as a visual statement to the surrounding community about IWU’s commitment to digital technology. Accented by wide expanses of glass and contemporary details, the 66,000-sf facility includes a digital classroom, theater laboratory, digital newsroom, TV and radio studios and broadcast control rooms, seminar rooms, and high-technology lecture halls—over 20 classrooms in all.

  • “We have used Design Collaborative almost exclusively on the Marion Campus for the last 15-20 years. They understand who we are as an institution. They take time to understand the needs and expectations of the administration and also the aspirations of those who will occupy the space. The principals stay engaged, even outside of building projects.”

    - John Jones, Vice President for Technology and Facilities Services, Indiana Wesleyan University

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  • <span style="line-height: 14.4px; background-color: rgb(220, 236, 253);">IWUElder Classroom</span>
  • <span style="line-height: 14.4px;">IWUElder Auditorium</span>
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