How do you get your workplace ready for post-COVID-19?

Over 50% of American office workers were working remotely at least some of the time before Covid-19. Recently almost all of us were forced into a longer period of work outside the office. Design Collaborative’s philosophy about the workplace has always been, “Make your office the place where people want to go to work.” Take the best parts of collaboration and camaraderie of being in the office, and enhance that with spaces that capture the privacy and comfort of working from home or a coffee shop. As we begin to transition back to work, that strategy is now augmented with an increased need and desire for safety. This phase won’t last forever. As we continue to learn the positives of working remotely and combine that with what we missed most about being in the office, we’ll discover the next workplace design strategies. For now, we encourage you to adapt to stay safe with our compiled recommendations below. And remember as medical advancements are made, our opportunities to be together will increase. We must continue to make the workplace the place where people feel safe and where they want to be.


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