University of Notre Dame - Hesburgh Library

The University of Notre Dame is recognized for its commitment to the future and its leadership in sustainable design. Carrying forward the momentum of recent projects in sustainability, the University has a unique opportunity to revisit the legacy of the Hesburgh Library. The library, and its iconic “Word of Life” mural serve as one of the University’s most recognized images. Improvements to the library roof present an opportunity to enhance views, improve safety and protect the library from water for years to come. With recent successes in new and retrofit green roofs, the University is becoming a national leader in vegetated roof assemblies.

Inspiration for the layout of the 3rd floor green roof was found in the Word of Life mural. Angles from the mural were selected and projected onto the rooftop to create the pattern of planted areas. This design translation pays respect to the signature art piece in a very subtle way without attempting any literal interpretation of the piece.

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