ORNL Federal Credit Union - Oak Ridge Branch

ORNL Federal Credit Union needed a new branch near its corporate offices. Located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, parallel to its Main Office building, the 5,500-sf Oak Ridge Branch includes a pavilion and park area where members and employees can enjoy the site's natural beauty. Oak Ridge features materials used in other ORNL locations to create a consistent sense of brand – stone and wood, as well as a cool color palette that draws on the client's brand standards. The large, open lobby has floor to ceiling windows that allow in maximum natural lighting.

A wood canopy leads members to the main entry and into the branch. Teller pods, ITMs, and a technology bar are accessible to members for personal banking needs and are located in the lobby, creating a space where members feel welcome. Offices are visually open through glass walls, allowing transparency between employees and members. The cozy, contemporary furniture used throughout the branch is consistent with brand colors, and invites members to relax while in the space.

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