Indiana Wesleyan University - Wesley Seminary

IWU wanted the Wesley Seminary to be a place that would reflect the diversity of their international student population and invited connection from the local community. The 23,000-sf graduate studies building was designed to bring different architectural elements and styles into an overall harmony suggestive of diversity and connection. Featuring high-performance glass and lighting controls as well as high-efficiency insulation, structural components, and fixtures, the Seminary at IWU is a LEED certified building. This project gave the IWU campus a building with interactive classrooms, formal and informal gathering and learning space, faculty offices and administrative space while promoting the message of environmental stewardship.

  • “While everything about the facility communicates ‘welcome’ and ‘excellence,’ the greatest attribute is ‘the facility tells a story.’ From its overall theme – ‘The world is our parish’ – to some of its distinctive features which visually communicate our mission and values, every tour we give of the building retells the story of what is important to us.”

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