Indiana Tech - Warrior Row

Indiana Tech’s growing enrollment meant a need for new student housing, but the campus’ adjacency to a downtown neighborhood meant the housing would need to be something more related to a residential scale.  Design Collaborative designed a two-phase 26,200-sf series of rowhouse housing units. Each rowhouse apartment covers three floors. The first floor has a full kitchen, living area, and bathroom, and the second and third floors each have two bedrooms and a bathroom, totaling 78 beds for the entire development. This project brought a unique and attractive new housing option to the Indiana Tech campus while maintaining a close tie and nod to the surrounding residential area.

  • "DC is very creative in their approach. At Indiana Tech, they worked on the building they were designing, but looked at it in the larger context of our campus and suggested improvements to our pedestrian corridor that have improved our campus appearance and use."

    - Judy Roy, Exec. VP Finance & Admin, Indiana Tech

  • Indiana Tech Warrior Row Apartments
  • Warrior Row phase two_03.jpg
  • Indiana Tech Warrior Row Living Room
  • Indiana Tech Warrior Row Kitchen