Fort Wayne Medical Oncology & Hematology

Fort Wayne Medical Oncology & Hematology had outgrown its previous, aging space and DC helped them design a modern, more efficient facility to offer an environment for its patients that is more comfortable and therapeutic. The new facility houses the north office of Fort Wayne Medical Oncology and Hematology on the basement and first floor and additional tenant spaces for Parkview Health offices on the second and third floors. This 48,000-sq. ft. facility completed Parkview’s Comprehensive Cancer Center.

  • “It has been a pleasure working with Bill and the other folks at Design Collaborative. They listened to us and offered us ideas on how to achieve our vision of this project. In addition, DC is responsive to our needs and they make things happen in a timely manner.”

    Dan Konow, Chief Operating Officer, Fort Wayne Medical Oncology & Hematology

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