Bishop Dwenger High School - Chapel

Students, faculty, and visitors to Bishop Dwenger previously used an undersized worship space that did not reflect the strong Catholic identity or needs of the school. The new Chapel addition accommodates an entire class of nearly 270 students, and its design quality and location along the school’s main entry are a strong indication of its importance to Bishop Dwenger.

The addition consists of the Chapel sanctuary and several support spaces for mass functions and student prayer. The detailing of the project creates a space set apart from the rest of Bishop Dwenger in quality, materials, and attention to detail. Particular attention was paid to iconic architectural elements like the sanctuary/altar, original stained glass windows, and artwork. The exterior of the building is clad entirely in natural limestone and cleanly detailed to highlight the front statuary, sacristy, and bell tower.

The renovation relocates the school’s Campus Ministry offices and integrates them into the approach towards the Chapel addition, demonstrating the importance of the ministry to the students and its relationship to the adjacent Chapel. The renovation also improves and expands the existing teachers' lounge and nurses' office.

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