The Midwest Roundtable on Talent

Design Collaborative was recently invited to participate in a unique gathering of over 70 private college and university presidents and 70 business leaders, engaging in dialog and collaborating to create better student outcomes. The annual event takes place at the iconic Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Michigan. It has become a catalyst to spark innovation, problem-solving, and partnerships in preparing graduates from private universities and colleges to succeed in the 21st-century workplace.
This year's two-day event featured nationally recognized speakers presenting on a series of thought-provoking and inspiring topics curated to spark a diverse discussion around discovering new pathways for achieving positive student outcomes. Prior years have led to innovative developments such as re-imagining student advising centers at Hope College (MI) and Wake Forest University (NC). This year, the energizing discussions were focused on reimagining how education can be delivered more effectively to prepare students for a career. Ideas ranged from better integration of co-op/internship experiences and offering degrees that have been collaboratively developed with industry, to shifting the paradigm of the current perceived value of higher education. 
The energy and creative problem-solving that resulted from the collaboration of higher education and business leaders together focused on improving student success was inspiring. DC can't wait until next year to hear the various changes that campuses have made that have achieved the desired outcomes.