The Fighting Irish are Bleeding Gold, Blue and GREEN

Design Collaborative worked with the University of Notre Dame to add another green roof building to the campus, completing the roof of nearly 80,000 square feet in 2018.  

In recent celebration of Earth Day (April 22, 2020), here are some fun facts about one of DC’s projects – the largest green roof in the state of Indiana.
In 2018, construction on the Joyce Athletic and Convocation Center (JACC) at the University of Notre Dame was finishing up on the 79,096 - square - foot green roof. Notre Dame has a goal of reducing its carbon footprint in half by 2030, and one of their strategies is installing several green roofs on campus. The JACC green roof was the fifth of the campus’ green roofs and covers nearly two acres of space with 32,798 trays of plants. The vegetated barrier provides natural insulation for the Joyce Center, slowing thermal conductance in both winter and summer conditions. This enhanced vegetative insulation barrier created an immediate impact on the heating and cooling loads for the building.
The soil in a green roof system (like the one on the JACC) acts like a sponge, absorbing excess rainwater and decreasing the amount of rainwater run-off from the roof by up to 90 percent. What run-off remains will occur hours after peak flows and will be filtered and detoxified by the roof’s vegetation. This delayed run-off decreases demand on existing campus infrastructure and returns cleaner water to the downstream collection facilities. Lower demand on campus infrastructure means lower costs, disruption, and waste by eliminating otherwise necessary infrastructure upgrades to meet the increasing demands created by new construction on campus.
Green roofs have many benefits to them, one of which is that they can be visually pleasing. The Notre Dame JACC roof has 25 different plant species in its design. From reducing carbon footprints to creating stunning, functional designs, green roofs are becoming a design staple on college campuses and beyond.
To learn more about green roof design strategies and options that may make sense for your facilities, email Bob Sanderson, a certified IIBEC Registered Roof Consultant at Design Collaborative.
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Nathan Woods, AIA