The COVID-19 Connection: How We Can Help

People are coming together to help one another during challenging times, and one way that Design Collaborative is reaching out is by printing 3D face visors for the healthcare and first responder heros.

Design Collaborative explored different ways to help our communities through these difficult pandemic times. After listening to our clients’ needs, we discovered a significant way we could contribute to our fearless healthcare workers on the front line and put our 3D printers to use to make 3D-printed face visors.
Erik Cederberg from the Swedish 3D-printing company, 3DVerkstan, crafted a simple design of a printed visor band and laser-cut plastic shield that covers the face. This design was shared in open-source files, so licensing was not an issue. This model was tested and verified by Weill Cornell Medicine (New York, New York) and can be worn with masks to protect the face from body fluids.
To date, Design Collaborative has been able to distribute over 100 masks to hospitals and first responders and are working on crafting more. The beauty of these visors is the simplistic effectiveness of their design, which uses a standard hole punch for the shield to clip onto the visor. This allows Design Collaborative to easily print and share the visors on a much larger scale. Working together, as one global community, we are discovering we can come up with solutions to help our world be a safer, healthier place.

If you know of a need or would like to learn more about how you can mobilize your own 3D printers to serve the community, please contact Steven Putt at 260-422-4241 or
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Steven Putt, Assoc. AIA
Graduate Architect