Physical Study Models

Continuing our celebration of National Architecture Week, Architect David West discusses the construction of hand-crafted, physical study models.

My architectural design process has always included the construction of hand-crafted, physical study models. Like hand-drawn sketches, study models allow for unexpected design opportunities to occur as they are being created – ideas often evolve before the brain can set boundaries or impose preconceptions about the project. From the client’s perspective, physical study models improve collaboration with the design team. When used as a design tool, models provide countless viewpoints and are extremely effective at describing the spatial qualities of a proposed design solution.
In general, study models make the design easier for everyone involved in the project to understand. Discussion that takes place around a physical model encourages participation in the design process, ultimately enriching the design solution.

Examples shown are from a variety of Design Collaborative projects.

David West RA
Associate, Registered Architect