Moontopia: An Out of this World Challenge

Designing for live, work, and play on the moon.



How do you create a self-sufficient lunar colony for live, work, and play? That was the question posed by Moontopia: An Out of this World Challenge hosted by Eleven Magazine. A team from Design Collaborative explored issues like transportation to the moon’s surface, site research, deployment, life systems, surface navigation, and environmental threat deflection, such as how to protect visitors from harmful dust particles or solar radiation.


The competition team’s solution, titled Strobilus, was inspired by the natural form of a typical coniferous pine cone. The design creates a vertical circulation space with pods, or “seeds,” radiating around the center. These modular seeds fold tightly for transportation and deploy outward once they are on the lunar surface. Each of the vertical spires would be connected on the surface and then backfilled with lunar regolith for insulation and protection. As the outpost develops, these paths become habitable networks, creating zones within each node.


View the entire competition entry for Strobilus.


Megan Yoder, Assoc. AIA
Associate, Graduate Architect