Meet the People: Zhurong Qian

Zhurong enjoys seeing different spaces created by architects and how they shape people’s behavior. This is what she likes most about architecture. The work of an architect allows them to see how spaces can provide for the needs of different people and various requirements. She also loves historic buildings and how they reflect people’s thoughts and pursuits from a different time. She hopes to continue applying all that she learned in architectural school to the world around her.
Zhurong splits her free time between working out at the gym, studying for the Architect Registration Examination, and experimenting in the kitchen. She goes to the gym five days a week to work out and exercises to relax. She’s set a training goal and is working on building muscle. When she’s home, she enjoys making a variety of foods. She’s shared some of her cookies and cakes with the office (editor’s note: they were delicious). She likes to experiment with food to create new things. She collects recipes along the way as she continues learning.

As mentioned before, Zhurong is currently studying for the Architect Registration Examinations. When she takes a break from studying, she enjoys reading for pleasure. The Sherlock Holmes series is a favorite of Zhurong’s. She also reads a lot of Japanese detective stories.
She comes from a large family – her father is the youngest of seven siblings. She has several cousins, nieces, and nephews. Zhurong’s oldest niece is only four years younger than her, making her an aunt at four years old! Growing up, her family didn’t have dogs or cats as pets. They had birds, a tortoise, a squirrel, and rabbits. She’s waiting for the development of science and technology to eventually create a robotic cat or dog.

Zhurong grew up in China, so her primary language is Chinese. She is also fluent in English. She learned Japanese in just two months! She passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N3 at the end of those two months, and then passed the most difficult exam, the N1, in two years. In addition to learning to speak Japanese, Zhurong speaks German and French at a beginner’s level. That’s FIVE languages!

Learning many languages will certainly help her out while traveling. Zhurong enjoys traveling with friends. She’s been a lot of places, but has yet to visit Antarctica. She’s got that destination on her bucket list. It’s too bad teleportation isn’t real or she could visit now (this is her desired super power)!
With an impressive portfolio seen below, DC is so happy to have Zhurong on our team as part of the Higher Education studio!