Meet the People: Lori Duesler

If you’re familiar with the local music scene, you’ve probably run into Lori Duesler. She can be found any night of the week at a local bar or restaurant nodding her head to the beat of a local band. She’s a regular concert-goer, and hits up as many music festivals as she can fit into her schedule. If it’s summer, she’s outside somewhere listening to music. It’s impossible for her to pick a favorite genre because she loves all music – from early punk to folk to bluegrass. Her lifelong love of music started when she was eight years old studying the violin. She still plays occasionally at home.

While Lori listens to local music, she sips on local beer from the many breweries and pubs in Fort Wayne. Her local favorite is the Monster Smash at Trubble Brewing. A big supporter of all things local, she frequents local gastropubs and breweries and likes exploring the city’s culinary and beverage options. During the cold, winter months, she does this most weekends to get out of the house for entertainment.

Family is important to Lori. Her parents, sister, and brother are all in town. She sees them as often as she can. Last year, she went on vacation to Canada with her parents. She meets her brother out for a drink when she can, and loves to spend time with her sister. Her only nephew plays football at Manchester, and she makes it to his games whenever possible. Her family is active in each other’s lives.

At home, Lori lives with Baby Kitty and Dandelion, her cats. While she only has the two right now, she’s had five at one time in the past. She likes to snuggle with them on the couch and read a good book. She likes the classics – Gone With the Wind is her favorite book, and she likes to read books written by John Steinbeck. Also at home, she has an extensive collection of chicken and rooster memorabilia. Her favorite pieces are two large wall plaques that belonged to her uncle. They hang in her kitchen, and are a daily reminder of her uncle who she says “had the coolest stuff.” She has several different chicken and rooster wall hangings and oil paintings.

What’s on Lori’s bucket list? A trip to Scotland with a very specific task – she wants to be surrounded by a herd of sheep in the middle of a country road. Nothing but fresh air, green grass, and a herd of sheep. It’s an experience she hopes to one day have in Scotland. “I love sheep and the greenery of the country, and being surrounded by the accent of the Scottish people.” While it’s not a typical exotic vacation, it’s her kind of exotic.
Lori’s proudest accomplishment is quitting smoking. She smoked for 19 years. She’s proud to have successfully quit that habit, and hasn’t smoked in 16 years.
Lori is the Project Admin for DC’s Higher Education studio. She’s also part of the launch team for a new project management software, and is working with the team to roll that out to the staff. She’s looking forward to a conference this fall all about the software. “Using this software will allow our team to be better organized and more efficient with organizing project information.” She’s excited to help take our team to the next level of client satisfaction.