Meet the People: Bill Ledger

Bill Ledger is currently a Senior Associate at Design Collaborative and is the Director of Healthcare Design. Bill’s area of expertise? Architecture. He has been in the architecture industry for over 30 years and is a board-certified Healthcare Architect.

Bill graduated from Ball State in 1985 with a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Environmental Design. He started working as an architect at a firm in Fort Wayne and, 4 years later, moved to New York to work at another firm. New York was where Bill found two of his passions; his wife, Ellen, and Healthcare Architecture. What drew Bill back to Fort Wayne was the abundance of opportunities for the healthcare market at Design Collaborative.

Bill and Ellen have three children: Sarah, David and Ben. Other members of the family include their two cats; Calvin and Jeremiah, Mezzo the parakeet, and Miles, a 16-year-old labradoodle. Miles is a service dog for Bill and Ellen’s youngest, Ben.

The northeastern part of the U.S. is one of Bill’s favorite places to travel, particularly New England, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. Bill says that he would love to take time one day and travel to all of those places with his wife, Ellen.

Something that not many people know about Bill is that he is a cancer survivor. When he was 43 years old, Bill was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. It was caught quickly and treated, and Bill has since made a full recovery. Bill also has a knack for designing and building things (as an architect, this is not surprising). He has built an entertainment center for his apartment in New York, floating nightstand shelves for his daughter, and, back in high school, designed and built a shed for his family’s lawn tools.

Bill says what he loves about Design Collaborative is that no one is limited here. Within their realms of expertise, the DC people have the creative freedom to push the boundaries and develop brilliant new ideas. Bill also mentioned that he enjoys the immense opportunity to grow something meaningful, such as the healthcare segment of architecture. In all the firms he has worked at, Bill claims Design Collaborative as the best run firm, with their high level of experience in design and a unique vision and mission.